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Divorcing in a Pandemic

Posted on in Divorce

Kendall County Divorce AttorneyThere have been many memes passed around (at least in my industry) that joke about a baby boom and an increased demand for divorce due to the stay at home order. Behaviors that people used to ignore because they could escape to work or the gym or a restaurant with friends, are gnawing at the psyche of isolated COVID-19 couples. Like that little habit he has of chewing with his mouth open. Or how she hums Merry Christmas every time she washes her hands.

This is even more exaggerated when parents must juggle homeschooling kids and working remotely from home. Arguments about who is teaching science today result in simmering resentment and passive aggressive loud typing on one’s laptop.

Although this is unchartered territory, we do know that the stay at home order will someday end. It must end, for all of our sakes. But until then, choosing whether to divorce your spouse needs to be made with great care. Divorcing your spouse is not easy, emotionally or financially. Before you go down the path of hiring an attorney and filing your petition for dissolution, try these tactics to keep the peace:

  1. Create zones in your home. Zones where you can work/sit/read by yourself. Ideally, each person has their own zone. If you cannot due to space, alternate the zone at strict times.
  2. Create a schedule. Decide who has morning shift with the kids and who has afternoon. Determine who makes breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  3. Create a chore chart. You are at home more. That means a messier house.
  4. Get outside. While we are still permitted, leave the house. Go on a walk by yourself.
  5. Have zoom meetings with friends so you are interacting with more than one adult on a daily basis.

If, after trying the above, you are still determined to get a divorce, it can be done during a pandemic. Despite the courts closing, we can still get you divorced. We can file the necessary paperwork, file any additional motions/petition, issue discovery, and work through a case towards settlement. Additionally, some courthouses are allowing attorneys to participate in pre-trial conferences via video conference and allow parties to submit their final settlement paperwork via email for entry. Call us at 630-402-0185 if you need help getting a divorce.

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